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Core Making Machines

1: Fully Automatic Four Station Shell Moulding Machine.
2: Fully Automatic Two Station Core Shooter Machine.
3: Shell Moulding Machine.
a. Automatic Turnover Dump Box Type.
b. Semi Automatic.

4. Automatic Shell Core Shooters.
5. Shell Mould Fuser.
6. Electric Core Oven
a. Batch Type
b. Continues Conveyor Type.

7. Oil Fired Core Oven
8. Cold Box Core Shooter.
9. Shell Core Blower


1: Fully Automatic Four Station Shell Moulding Machine


Ganesh shell moulding machine has made a revolutionary change in shell moulding production. We are Indians largest manufacturer and exporter of four station shell moulding machine. Four stations automatic shell moulding machine is designed precisely and constructed for the huge production of moulds. The machine consists of square rotary tables and one match plate on each side of square. The rotation consists of fast speed and slow speed with brake system controlled by limit switches. In the four stations, the sub stations are: investment, preheating, after heating and ejection .Only one operator is required to operate the machine. The bucket elevator is installed on one side of the machine in which the sand is elevated to the top hopper for sieving. Below the top seiver hopper is mounted, with pneumatically operated butterfly valve.

• Continuous cycle process.

• Cycle time: 50 sec/shell approx.

• PLC control.

• Plate size 14’*24”*3” - 18”*24”*3”

Fully automatic Four Station Shell Molding machine

2: Fully Automatic Two Station Core Shooter Machine:

Ganesh two station shell moulding machine is a versatile design in core production. Ganesh has designed this fully automatic machine so as to produce shell moulding twice as faster as the normal one. This machine needs only one operator. This machine is a top shooting type which allows the sand to reach the intricate shape of core boxes.

Optional accessories:

• Special cooling arrangement for core box is provided.
• Core box tilting arrangement with core carrier

Fully automatic two station core shooter machine

3: Shell Moulding Machine:

A. Manual

Ganesh hand operated shell moulding machine is designed for quick operation of shell baking. This is sturdy in design and easy in operation. The air heaters are fitted at bottom and on top of pattern to heat equally. All the sides are heat insulated. Ejection mechanism is operated by pneumatic cylinder. Heater box movement is also actuated by pneumatic cylinder.


Salient features:

• Compact and fully automatic with PLC control.
• Less air pressure is required.
• Less wear on pipe and pipe fittings.
• Low maintainance.
• Lowest energy consumption compared to other way of    transportation.
• Capacity: 1 ton- 10 ton per hour.


B. Fully Automatic Dump Box Shell Moulding Machine:

Ganesh dump box automatic shell moulding machine is easy in operation, it increases production, gives Accuracy, finish and reduce rejection. This machine is equipped with turnover type dump box with spindles running in ball bearings. The pattern plate is clamped on the dump box by spring loaded clamps which are self actuated by cams. The reduction gearbox and motor drive the machine by heavy duty chains. Ejection mechanism is operated by a pneumatic cylinder. The top heating oven is operated by pneumatic cylinder. Heaters also provided under the pattern plate.

• Auto shell moulding machine (turn over type dump box model)
• Plate size 300*450, 450*600, 500*750
Shell molding machine
Shell Moulding Machine - Manual
Shell molding machine
Fully Automatic Dump Box Shell Moulding Machine

4: Automatic Shell Core Shooter

A: Swing door type: This is a vertical parting with turn over top blow. Swing door operation enables easy ejection of core from corebox.


PLC control, Plate size 500*700, 500*800, 600*900


B: Top shooting type::this automatic shell core shooter is a top shooting type. Vertical parting line. Roll over type design, minimum lead time, and increased production.

Optional accessories:

• Sand feeding arrangement.
• Semi automatic option.
• PLC control
• PLATE SIZE 300*400, 400*600

C: Rollover type:

This design has vertical parting line, top shooting rollover type enabling self hollow cores. Available in manual, semi automatic and fully automatic with auto sand feeding arrangement.

• Plate size 300*400, 400*600, 500*700
Fully Auto Top Shooting Top Shooter
Automatic shell core shooter
Swing Door Type
Automatic shell core shooter
Top Shooting with Rollover Type
Automatic shell core shooter
Rollover Type

Ganesh pin type shell mould closer and mould straightner reduces parting line flesh. The pressure can be adjusted quickly and mould breakage is minimum. The rack pinion arrangement is made to clamp and declamp the mould.

• Available in Automatic & Manual Model

• Rack pinion arrangement - To clamp & Declamp the mould

• For automatic model pneumatic pressure can be adjusted    quickly

• Initially Pins are to be adjusted as per mould

• Size : 350 mm x 350 mm
Shell mould fuser

Ganesh electrical core oven is a popular model since the scarcity of electricity. Heaters are mounted in well designed position in oven on two sides. The sturdy trays compartments are provided to place cores. The oven is completely insulated by glass wool. The design protects heat loss with outside environment. Temperature indicator is provided. The oven gets off after reaching the desired temp hence overbaking or underbaking is avoided. The circular fan is provided for uniform temperature distribution.

• Available in trolley and tray type design

• Power : 9 KW, 12KW, 18KW, 30KW

• Heaters provided on two sides of oven
• Insulated from all sides by glass wools
• Available in Trolley & Tray Type Models
• Air circulation fan is mounted on the top
Electrical core oven

Ganesh Cold box Core Shooter is a proven design. It has given a foundry engineers an edge in the productivity of core making. This process offers many advantages over the normal core shooters such as high productivity, energy saving, good dimensional accuracy, excellent break down properties, low gas evaluation etc. This process uses phenolic resin and an isocynate; it hardens instantly at ambient temperature under the action of gaseous catalyst (tri ethyl amine or di ethyl amine)

• This process is most suitable for atomization.

• PLC control.

• Core Box Size - 300x300x250, 300x600x200
• Max Core Weight - 15kg
• With Air Drier Unit
Cold box core shooter
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