Shell Core Shooter Machines

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Shell Core Shooter Machines, Automatic Shell Core Shooter Roll Over Type, Top Shooting Type Shell Core Shooters, Swing Door Type Shell Core Shooters, Horizontal Parting Core and Mould Shooter. Our setup is situated in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.

Shell core shooters - Roll over type

Shell core shooters - Roll over type

Core size : Suitable for small and medium size cores
Core volumes : Suitable for small to medium size volumes
Corebox size : 300*400, 400*600

Shell core shooters - Top shooting type



Robust design, Fast cycle, Just Plug and Start

Plate size : 200x400 to 400x600
Core size : Small to medium
Core weight : Upto 7 kg.
Optional : Core Tilting arrangement and core belter unit.

Shell core shooter - Swing Door Type



Most popular machine, More than 150 installations.

Plate size : 500x700 to 1000x1200
Core sizes : Medium to big cores
Core volumes :Medium to high
Operation :Pneumatic, Hydrualic

Shell core shooter – Top shooting with roll over

Shell Core Shooter – Top Shooting with Roll Over


Most versatile machine, one operator operating 2 corebox
Plate size : 400x800,600x900
Core size : Medium to big cores
Core volumes : Medium to large
Most suitable for aluminium Die Casting Industry
The Core can be hollowed out easily hence decoring is easy

Shell core shooter - Two station type

Shell core shooter - Two station type


Extrmely high productive machine, 2 corebox one operator.
Plate size : 200x600, 300x600
Core size : Small to Medium
Core volumes : Medium to high
core tilting arrangement and core take away unit.

Core and Mould Shooter Horizontal Parting Machine

Core and mould shooter horizontal parting


Advantages: :High Mold Strength, Less Sand Consumption
Plate size : 300x400, 400x600, 600x1000
Core / Mould size : Medium
Core / Mould volumes : Medium to high
Option :Single station, Double station
Optional :Core unloader, Hydraulic operation

Ganesh Shell Moulding Machines

Ganesh Shell Moulding Machines
Ganesh Shell Moulding Machines


• Shell Moulding Machines are available in Semi automatic and Fully automatic models

• For very high production almost 1 minute per mould Four station shell moulding machines are Preffered

• Shell fuser are also manufactured.

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